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This science has a logic and Supportive Evidence. I personally feel that, It is very important to utilize this data and conclusions to the further development of a child, as a successful person in future. If the parents fail to understand this then the value becomes Zero.

Dr. Joy Shah

This report is precise and accurate. It has a very Practical Approach and proves to be very good and helping. Excellent for my kid and owuld recommend the same to other parents for thier chidren as well. 100% accuracy & will be very useful for your child

Dr. Megha Shah

Dermatologist, Kirti Laser Centre

This analysis report will help the parents to know the strengths and weakness of their child and will guide the parents to motivate him in strong areas and also will guide the parents to make efforts to improve in the area of the child’s weakness

Mr. Jayesh Modi

Engineer, ESSAR

It is Good Scientific way to shape our Child’s Future and Personality

Dr. Kunjan Patel & Dr. Jyoti Patel


Brain Mark has a unique concept to identify inborn talent and different intelligence hidden inside a human being through the medium of fingerprints. Students and individual can find perfect direction of their lives and career through this dermatoglyphics multiple intelligent test. We recomend it to all aspiring individuals & parents to undergo the DMIT Test and also convey our good wishes to Brain Mark

Mrs. Mita Vakil

Principle, Bulka Vihar School

We really get the proper information about our child. Moreover you have pointed our shortcomings and that’s very good.

Mr. Sanjay Desai

Electronic Engineer

We are amazed at the result of this test. We could see the difference in just 2 weeks. I am really thankful to this DMIT test. It has given us a clear picture about my niece. I also feel that the suggestion given by Tejas will definitely improve his weakness. I really feel that this DMIT test is very useful for any kid and human being. And my advise is “Take it and see the Difference..”

Rajen Bhatt

Sr. Tourism Officer, Vibrant Gujarat


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