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Dermatoglyphics : Put your right strengths work for you

As per a Gujarati maxim, the characteristic of a son is identified from its cradle. Another Gujarati axiom tells that the characteristic of a child can be acknowledged in the womb of mother! Let’s think about it scientifically.

There is something special in every individual that make him or her very special and unique. But is it easy to identify our skill or speciality?

Glyphology is the science that helps you know about your speciality, ability and intelligence!!
When we are talking about the intelligence, we know there are two types of intelligence.

• Acquired
• Inborn

When we are learning something, it’s our Acquired intelligence, while without learning, we understand the situation and to react is just an inherited intelligence. Here enters the Dermatoglyphics.

Science of dermatoglyphics helps us to identify the areas of ability. When we identify it, we can put all our efforts to the direction of such skilled area, and the result will be amazingly worthwhile.

Dermatoglyphics was totally new in India when BRAINMARK LEARNING SOLUTIONS introduced it here before eight years ago. The science fascinated us and after immense research, we determine to make it reach to common man in India.

What is Dermatoglyphics?

Word Dermatoglyphics is originated from two words; derma means skin and glyphe means carve. Dermatoglyphics is a branch of science that helps us reveal the connection between the fingerprints and the personalities of a kid or a person and shows the way to determine their talents. The secret is underneath distinct alternating ridges and grooves together in your palms of hands and soles of feet.

It tells you in which line of work you would be done greater. Not only about profession but the deep insight in your mind reveals other secrets about further many things about your personality and your other dealings, it may be the study, the sport you like or your behaviour!!! It tells you about your relationship, your career, your strength and also about your weaknesses. These are merely reachable with scientific studies of our brain pattern through our finger prints.

Your finger prints tell you things about yourself you don’t know!!!

Your finger print is not only your unique identity but also reveal the facts about your disease, personality and many more things about you. It will tell you several things about yourself you don’t know!!!

Each finger is connected with a specific type of ‘ability’, like the ring finger ridges signify ability in performing arts. It is believed that print on each finger reflects diverse abilities of a person. The bio-metric assessment of your fingers can make your vision clear to the see your mind.

So, let your fingerprints uncover the secret of the world of your special skills.

Why Dermatoglyphics ?

Do we know about our or our kids’ liking and expertise with respect to the most suitable profession? How much can we predict about the profession for us or for our kids? Could there be happened as expected?

Actually, we know nothing about that!!!! Not we can predict about his/her future work or about the field in which he or she can do well. May be a person is doing quite well in the vocation he is doing already and is successful by the definition we generally apply.

But do we all are doing our occupation as per our ability?

If no, then it is the most significant to know about the ability of our kid to choose right stream of education or right profession.

Dermatoglyphics for kids

• It torches light on selection of ideal stream of EDUCATION
• Understand and improve kids learning style
• Help parents to know child’s behaviour
• help parents make decisions on parenting styles
• enhance children’s self confidence
• reinforce parental bonds
• Provide him/her happy childhood
• Improve inborn characteristics

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test is that window of your brain through that you can peep up in different patterns of your mind and get all the answers. So, gear up for your winning voyage with DMI test.

Let’s know what is DMI test?

DMIT-Identify your unique ability to reach your full potential Brainmark Learning solution introduces the test in INDIA before 8 years. Being a pioneer to bring this reliable technique-DMIT in India to the fore, we have touched many lives with effective counselling.

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT) is a proven, scientific technique to find and nurture intellect and talent of an individual to make his/her normal life more rewarding. DMI Test is a scientific study of brain lobes and Multiple Intelligence with the help of fingerprints. As per Dr. Cummins, every person has varied ratios of Multiple Intelligence. So to be acquainted with the Inborn Multiple Intelligence of an individual, DMI Test is the best tool.

DMI Test is based on the rich collection of research data and documents dated 200 years back. Dr. Howard Gardener studied all the aspects of finger print analysis with embryology, anthropology, and genetics. He accurately predicted genetic link to the disease Down Syndrome with study of finger print patterns. Further research proves that children with learning difficulties have different fingerprints compare to normal children. The Glyphological Assessment technique is based on Psychology, Embryology, Genetics, Dermatoglyphics and Neuroscience.

DMIT-highlight your areas of expertise

DMI Test is a great aid to pursue development and hopefully transform the line of actions in favour of an individual. It highlights your as well as your kids’ areas of expertise where your every move would be supported by your inner strength.

The test bestows you the happiness in everything you do because it would with the way your original strength supports. If it is your relationship, the better harmonization is for sure to blend sweetness to your bond. Identification of comfort and discomfort zones smoothens your way to achievement.

The current development in Dermatoglyphics shows that the diagnosis of some illnesses can be done on the basis of Glyphological Assessment.

Dermatoglyphics laboratory in India

DMI Test is the cutting edge technology that dig out imperative information found on fingerprints which is then be translated by leading Dermatoglyphics experts. Team of Dermatoglyphics counsellor at Dermatoglyphics laboratory in Gujarat, India helps interpret the information most feasible way to help individual take firm decision with respect to study, career, profession, hobby, relationship and other important things that impacts his/her life.

Dermatoglyphics counsellors

Not only the assessment of DMI test is enough to resolve the intricate report detailing, but counselling is mandatory to understand it proper way. A team of qualified and skilled Dermatoglyphics counsellor can help you most with the result of the DMI test.

Having a broad and deep knowledge range, our Dermatoglyphics counsellor go through the in-depth DMIT report. Interacting one-on-one a few hours consultation with expert counsellors will be a prolific to you to recognize the right skill set and your true potential. You are assured for the individualized attention you need to know about your original strength and efficiency and also for the tangible results.

How it is done?

Your fingerprints are collected on papers and scanned. The scanned prints are analyzed to comprehend genetic sequence. Based on the data, individual’s learning capacity and potential is deliberated.

The skilled counsellors also analyze behaviour and study habits of an individual.

Brainmark: offering scientific way to identify your and your kids potential & personalities

We are proud to break new ground with enough research and sound back up of technology. So many successful cases perked up our intent to help the individuals and children to achieve their fate. Here we proudly want to share some details of our esteemed customers and how their lives take turn to sparkling success.

When a report of a 4 year old girl counselled by an expert team at BRAINMARK, they suggested her parents to choose computer stream for her. At the time parents laughed and said that let her know what is computer. But when she turned ten, a big opportunity was searching her address. An internationally famed computer company offered her best deal to work for them.

Here, we want to share a case of little girl JENSI SONI whose parent brought her at BRAINMARK for the DMI test at the age of 4. Report indicated about her special skills, that was several fields in sports. Counseling at BRAINMARK pushes the result of the test and the recommended fields were wrestling, karate, or boxing.

It was somewhat discomfited for the parents of a girl of simple Gujarati family, but the parents go with counselors’ opinion. They started her training in one of the recommended fields that was KARATE.

Today JENSI is a gold medalist in NATIONAL KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 held in Delhi and ISKU INTERNATIONAL KARATE CUP 2017.

When a teen is at the point of his study career when he has to decide the subjects for future study, nothing can help like DMIT, because not for few years but he will have to adhere with same subjects for the years to come. If we can take help of DMIT in time, much perplexity could be avoided, as dhruv shah did. Dhruv Shah, a teen having problem of learning disability.

With the help of DMIT results, counsellor Mr. kamlesh surti guide his parents about the subjects of his interest rather say the subjects in which he could do his best. Parents swap his subjects maths and science with economics and management. He did wonderfully very well in that.

But the foremost benefit of BRAINMARK counselling was yet to come. Mr. Kamlesh Surti was persistent on the test result that was drawing attention to the ability of a child to perform well on the national level games. Dhruv was inspired to practice cycling and this great game-cycling took him not only to the national level participation in cycling but put him on the international gizmo. He took part in a long-distance cycling event-Paris–Brest–Paris, held in France. The event was a 1200 km bicycle race from Paris to Brest and back to Paris. As a pioneer to introduce DMIT in India, we also feel proud for this great rewarding outcome.

Much of our successful case details were picked up by word of mouth from our loyal customers. We take pride in having a good reputation. This success pushes us to improve and enhance the test method technologically to make the most from this scientific approach with the best counselings and earned us reputation as the best DMI test clinic in Asia.

Training- Use your signature strengths to reach your full potential

Counselings for DMIT test and knowledge has made easy our way to handle an ideal training sessions for an individual or for group. The training is very useful in the practical life of an individual to overcome their obstacles. It is for students, for professionals and also for the corporate people.

We go extra mile to enhance the capability and skill of an individual. We bring forth the practical way to implement the knowledge productively to identify and enhance the ability of an individual. It helps broaden the boundaries of your aptitude.

• focuses exclusively and extensively on unique strengths
• increases engagement
• increases happiness and well-being
• better understanding
• improve upon performance
• use knowledge to generate solutions

Is this that simple?

We don’t say so, but evidences do!! What more reliable if person at the peak of his career say that DMIT has perfectly shown the way to success. Not one, two or few but we can give reference of many successful personalities you would like to know from them how DMIT shows them the most suitable way to shine their career.

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