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Make your team a star team and your employees, star performers

Learning and progress is an obvious process in every organization. In the present global scenario for the business, performance of an individual as well as of entire team is gaining significance for the growth of an organization. In this cut throat competition era, hiring a right candidate and then train his/her with the best corporate training has to be anticipated, especially for the establishments who want to be seeing themselves developing and desire to be on the global platform.

The Intellectual value of an organization is one of the levelheaded prospects for the trade scopes as well as reputation of an organization. Hiring process and corporate training is the resourceful doodad that fills in the gaps in the developmental course of actions of an organization.

IQ-a bit off

Customarily, only IQ test is used as a measurement tool for intelligence level of an individual. The IQ test shows the result of your intellect. The test is based on the limited resources. Many of the parts of your personality, talent and intellect remain untouched in the method. The true spirit of an individual could not reveal with all its facets and naturally the result of the test will not tell you all the necessary things about him or her, you need to know to make a decision.

On the context of the test result you will not be able to reach a crucial retort as it would not help you take choice so far.

At this stage, DMI test can help you most. DMIT helps your organization two ways

  • HR-Recruiting process
  • Corporate training

Casting Potential

Now it is widely accepted worldwide by medical experts that analysis of finger prints provide accurate analysis of human Multiple Intelligence and inborn potential.  We know that the fingerprints hold the key to the personality of an individual and what job is best suits him or her.

So when it is possible today to know about the personality traits, congenital intelligence and hidden potential of an individual through DMIT, it can be used beneficially to work on that potential of an individual or employee to develop favourable qualities with respect to organization’s growth and development. Similarly it can help to select the right candidate having the anticipated traits as an employee of your organization.

In short the DMIT results bestow the selection pattern of the methods for recruitment as well as training process. It helps you shortlisted the contrivances to hire and train the employee to make the most of the process.

Demand of time

It is about to make use of the innate intelligence of an individual which he or she is gifted as birthright. For the organizations, it’s the demand of time to build a professionally excellent star team to attain the result oriented work with the best performance.

The DMI test helps clear the picture of all the strengths and weaknesses of an individual or employees. Here comes knowledgeable counselings by brainmark. Counsellors at brainmark evaluate well the DMIT results and thereafter they design the special hiring and training program for corporate people, on the basis of the test results.

Evidence Excerpt

Sometimes to come to know about the fact the evidences show to the counselor is similar to the feel of Archimedes who shouted eureka…eureka at the time the idea or say the solution of his issue blinked in his mind!!!  We can say that hard slog of fingerprint experts when get pushback of latest generation technology, it gently unwind the secrets of mind. Counsellor could see the fact through the evidences excerpt.

There are many facets of this prolific process, but here we will go with two of the most significant aspects and will know how the corporate sector can gain the most out of it.

At Brainmark, we help business houses in entire HR and recruitment process. We know it’s a work to search a needle in haystack, but DMIT results help to make it simpler and result oriented.

For all size establishments

Based on the successive outcome of DMI test, Brainmark has designed hiring and corporate training program in India to help all size establishments to improve the business process as well as to build an efficient team having great potential with respect to your business objectives.

Hiring-Filling the gap

DMI test for corporate employees helps organizations to optimize scrupulous Human Resource Process entirely. The process is to be concluded to favour the growth and development of an organization, right from choosing the appropriate candidate, suitable to the task of an organization to recruit the employee to the specific post need. It helps to identify the gap between the skill of new employee and the real work to be allotted to the candidate at your organization.

  • Evaluate employee performance
  • Know your employee’s fundamental competencies
  • Recognize employee’s personal quotient
  • Identify employee’s leadership quality
  • Discover his/her planning and delivery style

Demanding factors

Opportunities and challenges through which the corporate sector is passing by this competition era are quite different than it was before a number of years ago. Present market scenario tells that every business needs a beneficiary set of factors that helps businesses to get on the way to success.

Suppose you know everything about the person, like his or her abilities, specialities and limitations right at the time of interview, how much would it be easy for you to decide about hiring, rewarding and about the fraction of your work where he or she can do with full potential?

Employee culture

Retention is a big problem for the business houses in corporate sector and when it is about the big or long time projects, a strong culture of employee teamwork and dedicated, innovative and driven talent of all levels in a team is necessary for the flourishing completion of the project and satisfactory outcome.

Favour is yours

To attain the specific result for your projects, it is crucial to make an efficient team that can work precisely on your business objectives, the way you desire. Smart team work is a vital part to promote professionalism and also to attain the success in business.

What is the secret behind the excellent performance of an employee? No doubt it is the right choice of work as per the ability of a person. But it’s not necessary that every time, coincidentally the favour is yours and choice made is right. With human limitations, we are not able to erect the appropriate sets of skill and person always!!

Here enters the corporate training.

DMIT corporate training

Task is not complete with the hiring process. The perfectly designed corporate training with DMIT is that remaining part of circle that may complete the circle of success and enhance the span of employees’ skills.

Star performers

Not only the hiring process, but when it is about the corporate training in Ahmedabad or corporate training in Gujarat, we help you to train your star employees, or help you make your employee star performers!!!

Your own way

This corporate training works multiple ways to enhance the performance and productivity of person. The expert trainers from brainwork works with employees of your organization based on his/her own capabilities. In simple terms we train them in the language they know or the work pattern they use!!

Combine Strengths

Knowing the pattern of individual is very helpful for him or her to develop the harmonic relationship with colleague at all level. DMIT corporate training in Ahmedabad also helps organizations to develop efficiency to make one’s mind up to work as a team by combining strengths and perform a supplemental role to overcome each other’s week points.

Better strategy

When it is proven that your strength, weaknesses, liking and many other tendencies to react with varied situations could be known with DMI test in India, brainmark took it further to the next level and tried the best to make a well designed corporate training program structure to help corporate giants to improve their employee strategies.

  • Organization can recruit the employees having essential set of skills as per need of an industry.
  • Enhanced team spirit
  • Training lead the homogeny in work pattern of employees
  • Work satisfaction consequently lead better retention rate
  • It develops healthy competitiveness in employees
  • Better growth and productivity
  • Less training costs with compare to in-house training at organization

Thrust aside the odd

In fact training is such a small word to gauge the potential of entire program. The program may contain power to check and improve behavioral and intellectual transformation of one with knowledgeable working out on strengths and weaknesses.

The great outcome with good precision by corporate training is nothing but the amalgamation of technology and knowledge. It’s like to build a playing cards’ castle in which every card is to be fit specific way to make it proper, in this case fruitful.

DMIT corporate training in India with Brainmark is a trustworthy source to train staff or employees at organization. Experienced trainers of Brainmark provides corporate training in Gujarat, India to create the productive experience by developing a full range of intelligence of understanding, integration, reasoning, analysis, memory and application.

Various areas of work

  • Inherent strength
  • Allocation of various abilities
  • knowledge Sensitivity
  • inborn Work – leadership manner
  • Psychological ability
  • Planning aptitude
  • Management skill
  • Communication quality
  • foremost and ideal Learning mode

Efficient team in corporate sector is that sure shot formula to achieve excellence in your business dealings. Approach of team to their project, authorities for execution, responsibilities for results and devotion to core trade values earns the reputation, a business strive to make a brand.  Here are our areas of expertise in which we carry out our excellent training sessions.

  • Softskills,
  • Sales cycle,
  • Telephonic sales,
  • Time Management
  • Motivational,
  • Behavioral training,
  • Leadership,
  • Retention ,
  • Orientation/Induction,
  • EQ,
  • Professional Communication (Written and Verbal)

Resolving the puzzle

It is exactly the similar process to make set the puzzle with different pieces and after setting all the pieces right way, you find the proper picture on the opposite side of the puzzle board. But here, puzzle is to be customized eyeing the performance of your employee.

At Brainmark, we offer a holistic solution for corporate training. We have a wide variety of training solutions for most of the industries. Our training programs don’t only deliver effective corporate training solution but it is interactive and result oriented. We design all our programs at Level 4 on the KIRKPATRICK MODEL of learning evaluation.


Our effective corporate training sessions unquestionably decrease the cost of in-house training’s for employees by the corporate. The training by expert DMIT counsellors based on the report is highly specific training and is capable to enhance particular aptitude in person, swiftly. The whole exercise is about to develop specific skill that enhances work-ability and efficiency of employee and lead best output. Also the training sessions lead uniformity in skills of employees and consequently create the productive work atmosphere at all the levels at your work place. Not only the firms can enjoy the good retention rate, but can reduce the costing over further recruiting and in-house training process.

The whole corporate training process by Brainmark leads better quality interpersonal communication in establishment. Knowing employee’s personality traits, characteristics and values help to make a sound team and to elevate the level of understanding between employee- employee as well as employee-employer.

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