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Our Team – Hetas Pandya

Hetas Pandya

Mr. Pandya is a founder Member of Brainmark. He is an ICF Certified Business Transformation Coach & a Serial Entrepreneur. He helps entrepreneurs & corporate leaders to double and quadruple their business performance. He has been passionately adding value since 14 years in the form of Coaching, Training & Counselling.


✓ ICF Certified Business Transformation Coach Association

✓ CDC certified Divorce Coach

✓ Certified Master Hypnotist

✓ Member of APA (American Psychological Association) (No. 2874-2501)

✓ Diploma in Early Childhood Development

✓  BBA

✓ Certified Counsellor

✓ Certified Train-The-Trainer:

  • DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test)
  • Mid Brain Activation
  • Counselling
  • BRT (Bio Resonance Therapy) Pioneer in / Initiated: “Double Your Business” – Pioneer in Small Business Coaching

✓ NLrP (Neuro Linguistic re-Programming)

✓ Success Accelerator (Project for Corporates & SME)

✓ “Around The Corner” – Solve Life while solving Rubik Cube

✓ “Multiply Your Income with Multiple Intelligence”

✓ DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test) in India

✓ Chalk It Up – Transformation Workshop for Teachers

✓ BRT (Bio Resonance Therapy) in India

✓ Mid Brain Activation in India More than 6000 hours of experience of Transformation Coaching

✓ Happiness

✓ Relationship

✓ Business

✓ Success

✓ Leadership

✓ Divorce