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Our Team – Kamlesh Surti

Mr.Kamlesh Surti

Chairman, MD

Mr Surti is the well-known Corporate Trainer and Brand Builder. He has been the part of Indian Marketing System for 21 years and has contributed for 13 years in transforming lives and redefining the entrepreneurial vistas as a life skill trainer and coach. He has played the key roles in Marketing Incubations for various Business Leaders. He is the Professional Marketing Consultant, and Business Growth Advisor. He is the Dynamic Trainer and Mentor, and the Founder of Motivator’s Community called KING Makers.

In Life Skill Development

✓ Member of American Psychological Association

✓ MB2 Coach

✓ Personalized Relationship Counsellor.

✓ Coach for “Happily Married” programme.

✓ Trainer of “Train the Teacher’s With Multiple Intelligence” programme

✓ Parenting Trainer.

In Corporates

✓ Marketing planner

✓ Marketing strategy Formulator.

✓ Corporate trainer

✓ Marketing incubator

✓ Business Growth Advisor

✓ Professional Marketing Consultant

✓ Motivational Trainer.


✓ Certified master counsellor.

✓ Diploma in early child education.

✓ Master in Business Administration

✓ Certified Graphologist

✓ Certified Train-The-Trainer

➢DMIT (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test)
➢ MB2
➢ Counselling