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Training We Provide

What is training? 

The meaning and interpretation of training are different based on industry standards. However, certain aspects of training stay the same, be it any industry.

Training is an act of helping a person or a group of people to learn a specific topic with an objective to achieve a certain goal.

When conducted well, training is a very effective tool to generate some great outcomes. Almost all the industries have one or the other format of receiving or imparting training to their team members. Trainers who impart training are sometimes internal part of an organization and sometimes they are external consultants.

Types of Training:

At Brainmark, we offer a holistic solution when it comes to training. We have a wide variety of training solutions for most of the industries. Our training programs don’t only deliver training but it is interactive and result oriented. We design all our programs at Level 4 on the KIRKPATRICK MODEL of learning evaluation. Below mentioned are some of the types of training solutions we offer:


  • Softskills,
  • Sales cycle,
  • Telephonic sales,
  • Time Management
  • Motivational,
  • Behavioral training,
  • Leadership,
  • Retention ,
  • Orientation/Induction,
  • EQ,
  • Professional Communication (Written and Verbal)


  • Multiple Intelligence,
  • Grooming & Personal Hygiene,
  • Presentation Skill


  • Career guidance,
  • Interview Skill,
  • Group Discussion,
  • Leadership skill
  • SWOT
  • Stress Management,
  • Resume Writing,
  • Professional/ Life Goal Setting,
  • Mind solutions,
  • Academic improvement,
  • Presentation Skill,
  • Motivation/Success Stories,
  • Planning and Organising,
  • Professional Communication (Written and Verbal)


  • Memory Technic,
  • Brain development,
  • Abecus,
  • Phonics,
  • Yoga with music,
  • Breathing Exercise,
  • Mid Brain Activation,
  • Brain Gym,
  • Writing Improvement


  • Time management,
  • Neuro-linguistic Re-programming,
  • Presentation Skill,
  • Professional/ Life Goal Setting,
  • DMIT Counselling